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Choosing a Class

So where are you in your art journey?  

Maybe you were creative when you were younger, but then 'let it go' to get a 'real job'.  I hear that one a lot!  Maybe you have never stopped creating and have mastered one or two disciplines, but now you feel 'stuck'.  Or, maybe you have chosen an art discipline as a career and you want to develop a stronger base of realism, brush technique, colour, light and depth?

Those are all places you could currently be and I welcome you to join me into a journey of adding realism to your skill set.  


How do you know which skill level course to choose?


The definitions below are intended as a general guide to help you choose a class that will be informative and enjoyable for you.

Level 1: You are a 'creative' and you have been all your life on some level.  You haven't done much art since high school or college, or you have just picked it up again in the last year or two.  You may or may not have taken one or two classes in that time frame, and although you have limited training, you have a lot of desire. You probably (or not) have some art supplies kicking around, but they are mostly student and craft quality.

Level 2: You have spent dedicated time in the last 5-10 years taking courses in one or more artistic disciplines, or an equal amount of time 'self learning' and have done many paintings on your own. You understand colour theory and can identify primary colours as well as know how to mix secondary, complementary colours from the primaries. You know how to mix light and dark hues, you have a basic understanding of light and depth, perspective and proportion. (even if you can not yet create it)  You have invested in art supplies and equipment and it is a mix of both professional and student grade.

Level 3: You have invested an extensive amount of time in honing your creative craft in the last 5-10 years, either in a self-taught environment or in a class environment.  You have started to develop a painting style that you feel really comfortable in, and perhaps even excel at.  You have a solid knowledge of colour, mixing, and use your knowledge of colour theory, composition and contrast in your own work. You create and paint consistently, have invested in your own professional 'tools' and to be honest, are possibly even a snobbish in your 'brand preference'.  (... if you understood that last sentence, you are a level 3 artist)

How Can Some Workshops be for 3 Levels?

The principles of realism do not change.  I will work with you from where you are currently and move you to the next level of understanding and skill.  The fact is, some painting structures are simple enough so that a level 1 student can feel satisfied in their accomplishment, BUT they also contain elements of complex structure that a level 3 student can hone in on and carry forward in their future work.  When you sign up for a workshop, I ask you to disclose your Level so I can know ahead of time what the class dynamics will be, and how to provide you with the best overall experience.

What Can I Expect?


I am a Canadian self-taught artist who has spent much of my life painting.  If you know my art, then you know that I have a passion for compositions that are both simple and complex.  I love creating canvases that dance with light and realism and painting is my absolute passion.  

I absolutely love painting and teaching, and that comes out in the classes..  If you know and like my work, then you will love the workshops and classes.  You can expect to have a fun learning environment in which you will be both challenged and surprised by what you can do.

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